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Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Narnialady on Oct 4th, 2009, 4:14pm


This link shows what Marco performed on Sept 20th at Westminster Cathedral smiley

Marco asked me on Facebook if i would like to attend this Recital smileythe week before.
I was actually on holiday in Dorset at the time, but for one day only I jumped at the chance to attend this event grin

I managed to arrange a meet up with Mr Hackett himself cheesy and Jo Lehmann, they very kindly met me at Victoria station before hand,we walked to the Cathedral together.
We went into the building which was vast and cavernous .It was very ornately lit with lamps and candles.Its a beautiful building smiley
Some of Steves family were present too,I sat behind Steve with Jo L'.

Marco was hidden from view as the organ is up in the air and covered with a screen,but he came out and waved to the audience before the performance.

He played two Steve Hackett pieces. smiley

2) Cast Adrift

The recital was very short but very memorable , hearing Steve Hacketts work played in this way, you have to be there to believe the power of the church organ smiley

Afterwards we all met up at a Turkish restaurant with some friends, Italian fans and Marco's management, some members of Steves family,also Nick C 'and Jo C' smiley
Some of the Italian fans are coming over again for the Shepherds Bush UK gig in November smiley,I made some new Italian friends that day as passionate and supportive about Steve and Genesis as we are on this forum. grin Pictures coming up smiley
regards Stephx

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Cathedral entrance

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Steve, Marco and a guy I think was called Theo Chen.

This at the restaurant not a great photo a bit blurred. sad

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The beautiful interior of the Cathedral smiley

Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Narnialady on Oct 5th, 2009, 5:27pm

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This is a picture I took on the Sunday afternoon outside the Cathedral before we went in smiley

A lovely photo of Steve Hackett and Jo Lehmann smiley
Regards Stephx
Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Maschi on Oct 6th, 2009, 08:27am

Lovely photos and nice blog, Steph. Thanks for sharing kiss
Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Eliuk on Oct 25th, 2009, 4:49pm

Nice pics Steph! Can´t wait for the London show!!!
Will I see you there?
Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Narnialady on Oct 25th, 2009, 5:00pm

YES grin Elisa see you there x
Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by MarcM on Oct 29th, 2009, 06:46am

I had had not time to read this thread properly and then forgot... embarassed
Thanks for the report and the photos, Steph. This is nice to read - and to see. smiley
I have bought the two albums of Marco LoMuscio not so long ago. I've still got to write some reviews for them, by the way.
Marco has got talent for sure. I really enjoy what he has done with some of Steve's pieces, whether it is on the piano or on the church organ... Cast Adrift is completely transformed on his record, and I guess he played it the same way when you attented the recital at the Westminster Cathedral.
The Westminster cathedral... Wow ! I bet there must be a great church organ there !
I love many of the sounds of the church organs (I'm also a fan of JS Bach, anyway !) and I used to go and listen to some short "organ auditions" as they call that in French, in a famous big church in Paris a long time ago, where a fantastic organ player was playing at the mass but also for half an hour before the mass, on Sunday afternoons. I was going for those short "recitals" where he'd play all sort of organ repertoire and many adapted pieces too...

I saw the set list and maybe some stuff that Marco played was quite difficult to appreciate (I saw reference to Arvö Part and Missiaen, who both did some pretty "difficult" contemporary classical music)...

Anyway thanks again for the report and pictures. smiley
Cheers - Marc
Re: Stephs blog of Marco's Recital at Westminster
Post by Puck on Oct 31st, 2009, 8:28pm

Dear Steph

Thanks a lot for your Blog smiley)

Some Videos Youtube from Westminster Recital...

- Steve Hackett: Horizons & Cast Adrift:

- Keith Emerson: Fanfare for the Common man (excerpt):

- Steve Hackett & Marco: The meet after the concert:

Best greetings from Rome!