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Feb 18th, 2018, 11:54am

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xx PC's Facebook Q&A - October 2016
« Thread started on: Oct 20th, 2016, 6:18pm »

October 20th, 2016

PC: To everybody that has been caught up in the mania of me being back on the road. First of all I hope you all like the book, so if you've been interested in my career as a fan, you will hopefully enjoy it. Yet again, I'm humbled by everyone saying they like what I do and that I'm relevant. Its fantastic, it hasn't been missed by me and thanks to all of you.

Deborah Engel: Good evening from Germany! Here is my question: you have been retired for several years. Now you come back on stage and your concerts were sold out after a few minutes..isn't that a good feeling and proof enough that you are still pretty damn cool and that your critics were wrong (by the way for me you are much more than that)? Thanx for your wonderful music and see you next summer in cologne!
PC: Yo! It's proof of something, it proves that I have a lot of warm and willing, genuine fans. So I'm very pleased that it all looks good for next year. I want to thank everyone who has bought tickets so far for their loyalty and their love.

Jacobien Adam: Phil, I'll be seeing you in London on the 4th of June! I'm super excited, but will you be singing your greatest solo hits? (Can't stop loving you has been my favorite song for years) Or also songs of your Genesis time? I'm a huge fan of "No Son of Mine." Greetings a big fan from the Netherlands!!
PC: Yes, I will definitely be singing my big solo songs, and some Genesis songs. Probably a bit of both. There are no new songs but I hope people will be happy seeing the songs they know.

Evan Sauve: Hi, Phil! I'm in Canada and I'm 19-years-old. Maybe one of the younger Phil Collins fans. wink My question: Have you ever "messed up" the drum solo in "In the Air Tonight"? Either live or in a studio? Thanks!
PC: NEVER! Ever since I wrote it - not at all...

Angela Caravella: Hi Phil! I hope you're well. I'm such a big fan of your genius work ever since I was little when I grew up watching my favorite Disney film Tarzan, and this year I'll be dressing up as Jane for Halloween. Speaking of, this is my question to you. What's it like working on the music for the film? Lots of love!
PC: Disney has been in my life for as long as I can remember, through my brother (a cartoonist) and my sister (who was a pro Ice Skater - every year we would go to Wembley to watch Disney On Ice). Dopey even stayed at our house one year! So when I was asked to do the music for the movie, I couldn't believe my luck. I know a lot of fans thought I was crazy, but to me it was almost high art.. the time and effort that goes into the films was amazing to see for myself. It was great fun, but a lot of work.

Thomas Helsing Fredriksson: Hi Phil, there's a tale going round that when a journalist in New York did a visit to a famous rapper's house he made a joke when he found one of your cd's. The rapper went dead serious and said to the journalist "Don't touch my Phil!".
Have you ever heard anything bout this, and if it has happened, how do you feel about being in such a high regard from a fellow musician in an entirely different music genre?
PC: I have heard about this! It was Ice-T. It was a shock to me at the time, because it was the first time I'd heard of the hip-hop world embracing my music. I felt pretty good about it, and there was an album called Urban Renewal a couple of years later. It was a pivotal moment - I had sensed the acceptance on Sussudio and Easy Lover - they crossed over into urban radio which I had been told was impossible before that. To be a 'crossover artist' in that respect meant a lot to me.

Jerri Oleniacz Brown: Hi Phil!! Long time fan!! Love you and adore your humor! Seen you many times. (By the way, I think it's great what you are doing!) Here is my question....if you could change one thing in the course of your long time career, what would it be??
PC: Maybe I would have looked a little bit harder through those tapes when we wanted a singer! But really, I wouldn't change anything.

Ada Sˇjkowska: Hello Phil, thank you for your beautiful songs. When I was a child, my mom showed you. You are my hero! Thank you! I have two questions. What is your favourite song, whose you have written and why?
PC: Both Sides (the album) has a lot of my favourite songs. I think it is that album because a lot of that material came without too much stress, it was a fairly easy album to write. One of my favourites is I've Forgotten Everything. The words came almost as I sang them, so what you hear on the record was totally spontaneous.

Sheila McGee Kinney: Hi Phil!!! I am a big fan of yours since childhood... your music was like the soundtrack of my life!!! Seeing you live would be the most wonderful thing! I still listen to your music pretty much everyday. I always saw you as an innovator, an artist, a comedian, and so much more. I am so glad to see you back at it. wink smiley What was the moment like, that you decided to go back to that stage and mic? Thank you for always being an influence in my life. Best wishes for you in all your endeavors!!!
PC: I was a little bit scared, the shows always used to be very active and I'm not sure I could still do that kind of show. But I thought - I can still sing, so I can definitely go on and sing the songs!

Brandon Schlunt: As a drummer, I am constantly amazed by your style, finess, and speed during your peak years. Would you ever be willing to do a drum tabliture book to show us rookies how it was all done? I'd pay a premium as would other drummers enamored by your unique fusion of styles. Plus, with tabliture, you don't have to play anything, rather, simply chart it out.
PC: Such a book exists.. but it's instinct and a feel for what's right/wrong and good/bad. I think a lot of young drummers feel that they have to show what they can do in short amounts of time, but if you start to have more musicality, sometimes you realise that you play for the song, not to give an example of what you can do. Sometimes you can put little bits in to 'dazzle', but the rest of the time you do what's right for the song. While it's great to be a virtuoso, it matters more to me to be a mature player. (Which is why I won't hear bad words spoken about Ringo).

Timothy Sillery: Hi Mr. Collins, I was wondering out of your myriad of guest performances (on artists like Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Boys Don't Cry etc. Etc.) which would you classify as your favourite? Also, what undervalued (I,E songs you enjoyed playing which might have passed through the cracks of time.) songs would you recommend to your fans to listen too?
PC: Eric Clapton was my favourite, because we became great friends without the music, and then great partners within the music. I feel like I owe a lot to him - it was a fantastic privilege to play in his band. I don't want to belittle any of the others but Eric was always something special to play with.

Piotr Białokozowicz: Dear mr. Collins: 1. After a years of work on the stage in face of thousand people, do you still get nervous before concert? 2. Which of your big great tour was the most exhausting? greetings from Poland from lifelong fan.
PC: Phil Collins Oh yes, I still get nervous. I think it has something to do with the feeling that 'that night' has to be 'THE night'. You have to be good that night. Nerves help lift your game - there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are a bit nervous, because I think it gives you an edge. I'll be nervous in June, that's for sure!

Chris Willman-Bunge: Hi Phil Collins! My name is Chris and I've enjoyed your music for as long as I can remember! I was hoping I could ask you what inspires you in life and how do you keep going (from how you do your music to every day challenges in life)? I recently moved to Florida to start my life over somewhat and make the most of this opportunity, and I was wondering what motivates you and if such experience and/or advice could help me out in any way. Thank you so much for all that you do sir! It is an honour to have a great musician like yourself and I wish you the best in all of your future endeavours! Take care sir and be well, happy, and peaceful! smiley
PC: The things that keep me going are my children. I pick up on their energy and enthusiasm - not just my two young boys but all my kids. And as they always remind me - they always still need me to tell them I love them. There's not much more that's more important than that I think.

Matt Manning: Hi Phil! Thanks for the book signing! I really hope you'll answer my question this time. Why did you use concert toms? I get how well they work with the gated reverb but that came later. Also, which kit that you no longer own do you miss most? Maybe the pearl dlx? Thank you by the way, you've done a lot for me.
PC: I use concert toms because they're LOUDER, and you only have one skin to tune. Apparently I kickstarted a young Taylor Hawkins on them. They have a particular sound which appealed to me. Nicholas plays them too.

Andy Broden: Hello i must be going, but could you say hello to my 11yr old daughter Elizabeth? We are adoring fans!
PC: Hi Elizabeth!

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xx Re: PC's Facebook Q&A - October 2016
« Reply #1 on: Oct 20th, 2016, 6:19pm »


Jeff Nations: Hi Mr. Collins, lifelong fan here. I was curious if you're employing any new musicians in your band that you haven't worked with before and what qualities really stand out to you when selecting a prospective musician to take on tour. As a touring musician myself who is always seeking new opportunities, I'm always curious as to what a musician of your stature prioritizes in potential colleagues and where you usually get your recommendations. Thanks a ton!
PC: A new drummer - my son Nicholas who will be 16 on the tour. All the other guys are the usual suspects. We may have to dust a few of them off...! My other son Simon is also a wonderful drummer but is very committed to his own direction and I didn't want to mess with that.

Cat King: My father-in-law, Frank King, was one of your drum tutors. Can you remember him? Did he have any influence on your technique? Unfortunately he passed away when my hubby was young so I never met him.
PC: Oooh wow! Dear Cat - your father in law was one of the nicest people I met, and I enjoyed going to the lessons. I remember him very well and I remember the studio he had above the music shop Chas-e-foots. He was a dear, lovely gentleman - he is referenced in the book. Its great to have heard from you.

Grant Fuller: Hi Phil - How did you feel doing the audio for the autobiography and if you hadn't, who would you have chosen to narrate the autobiography.
PC: It had to be me! It never entered my head not to do it myself, as the writer... it was good fun!

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