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Feb 18th, 2018, 11:58am

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xx PC's Facebook Q&A - January 2016
« Thread started on: Jan 26th, 2016, 12:21am »

January 25th, 2016

John Wilkinson: All a bit different from the days of your old forum Phil when you used to chat and answer questions...
PC: I enjoyed very much my time on the forum. It was very interesting to know how people felt.

Pam Kibler Hornsby: Phil. you are a major part of my growing up years (the 80's). One of my favorite artists of all time. What was your favorite song to perform?
PC: I always enjoyed "Take Me Home". Not because its the last song of the night but one after all these years, I enjoy singing.

Ray Markey: Hello Phil, from Southern NJ USA! I'd like to know, of all the songs you've performed live over the years, which is your favorite - vocal, percussion, or both?
PC: For me I much prefer playing the drums to singing. But my real job is singing smiley

April Barnes Eberly: Phil....I grew up in the 80's...still love the music from then...but wondering who is your favorite artist in todays music?
PC: Adele.

Matt Corbin: Hi Phil. Biggest fan ever here but never had the fortune of seeing you live unfortunately. I just wanted to know what your personal favorite song from your career was. Thanks for all your music and everything you do and God bless.
PC: Usually the songs I like nobody else does! My favourite album is Both Sides as it contains some of my favourite songs.

Audrey Verhagen: Phil, I adore you! How do you feel about getting older. Do you want your fans to know you as you are now, or remember you as you once were?
PC: A bit of both really! I'm quite comfortable with my age.

Roger Wilson: Hi Phil, greetings from a dark and damp England ! So great to have you come out of retirement - how are you doing after the recent back op ?
PC: I'm doing well! It was a pretty major operation and I am recovering well.

Matthew Laskorski: Hey Phil, I may be only 18 but I've been a huge fan of your music with and without Genesis over the last 10 years. Out of all the songs you played with Genesis, even counting the Peter Gabriel days, what is your favorite Genesis song?
PC: No Son of Mine or Driving The Last Spike

Michael Forbes: Hi Phil, I've followed your career very closely for years, but one thing I've always wondered - when you were growing up, who was your inspiration?
PC: Without a doubt The Beatles.

Diane Conigliaro Purdy: Hi Phil. I couldn't possibly read the thousandths of comments here. Could you remind me what the significance behind the song "in the air tonight" was. Thanks.
PC: There is no truth to the myth surrounding this song! The lyrics were improvised, so even I don't know what it is about.

Will: Hi Phil! Me and my friends Annie Jess Scott Caitlin absolutely idolise you, thank you for your magic. Question: what is it like working with Leland Sklar? His beard is the thing of dreams. Thanks Phil!
PC: My kids call him Father Christmas. But Leland is an incredible bass player and a wonderful comedian. Great value for money!

Larry Preston Smiddy: I was wondering Phil how many Instruments can you play? Btw your my favorite singer of all time.
PC: Only two. Drums and assorted keyboards ...And bagpipes!!!

James Cooper: Hi phil... we all know you drummed on Genesis albums as well as sang on them, but what track do you wish you could have drummed on live but couldnt because you had to sing on it on stage..!. smiley
PC: Too many! But probably Mama.

Martin Kelly: Hi Phil. I wonder if you remember the last time you played the Glasgow Apollo. It was with the Hot Tub Club in February 85 and it was before No Jacket Required was released. You wanted to give The Apollo a night to remember before they pulled the old place down......and you did!One thing was for sure.....that night in Glasgow was the first time any of us had heard the songs from the album and I certainly realised that it, and the tour was going to be huge.
Here's my question. Had you any idea how successful No Jacket Required was going to be before it was released?
PC: God no! It was a complete surprise.

Paige Osborne: Hi Phil smiley I've been a huge fan of yours and genesis almost my whole life. Is it true you'd be up for a reunion. If so what album would you most want to tour with?
PC: If I did tour - I think I would choose my favourite songs from all of the albums.

Dan Brady: Hey Phil, long time admirer here. Knowing the very unique quality of your music, what influences you or inspires you to write the music you do? Thanks mate!
PC: Everyday life really. Sometimes things will occur and I write them down for that "rainy day"!

Gregory Fuller: Hey Phil, you have so many great b-sides that aren't included on the first couple of batches of reissues, is there any chance we'll get a release a little later down the road that collects everything else?
PC: I decided not to include all the B sides because they had all been available. I tried to collect some material that had not been available before.

Simon Hunter: Hi Phil. Fantastic news that your are coming back! Like so many people, you were a massive part of my life in the 80s and 90s and the reason I started drumming! What happened to all your kits? Is it true there is a warehouse full? If you ever come back to Norfolk I hope to see you about. All the very best.
PC: I've given some away for charity auctions, but I've kept my favourite kits, yes.

Eric Steinberg: Mr. Collins, I hope you're healing up well. My question is "What is the general atmosphere of the music that you are going to release?" Cheers!
PC: The new remastering on the upcoming reissues has made a significant improvement, more so than normal. I'm very happy to have them rediscovered.

Graham Johnson: Hi Phil. Pleasure to have the chance to ask a question and hope you are well today. Were you aware that Tim Peake, the British astronaut, tweeted from his space walk " I've been waiting for this moment for all my life" and If your were aware then how did that make you feel?
PC: Yes! I was very flattered to have my song chosen!

Wayne Proctor: Hi Phil, Firstly I have to say you are by far one of my biggest influences as a drummer and a musician. I can't really put into words the effect your music has had on me and my music career. So thank you. So my question to you is... When you were doing your drum takes were they really just off the cuff ideas or did you develop your ideas first and then develop them through the takes arriving at a final complete take?
PC: Always off the cuff!

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xx Re: PC's Facebook Q&A
« Reply #1 on: Jan 26th, 2016, 12:22am »

Fiona Murray: Hi Phil. Hope you are well. I have loved your music, both in Genesis and solo. Practiced singing Separate Lives with you on many occasions!! Delighted to hear you are no longer retired and hope that you'll make it to Ireland. Is there an song you wish you'd written? Take care. xx
PC: "Helpless Heart", which is a Paul Brady song.

Kevin Adamson: Hi Phil! What's the situation with your back now and playing drums? Would be great hearing you back behind the kit.
PC: It's a little unlikely that I'll be able to play the way I did - but I'm quite philosophical about it.

Brian Gildea Hi Phil, congrats on a great career and keep going. I am an actor and still at it even though it is a tough and competitive biz. My question. Do you still watch F1? After having seen them live at the USGP from 2000-2007 I wish they would go back to the glorious sounds instead of all this hybrid stuff. Thanks
PC: Not as much as I used to - spending more time in America, it is sometimes less easier to find.

Andrea Osman: Hello Mr Phil Collins, like everyone else I just have to say thank you for all the music. My question is "What career would you choose if you couldn't be in the music business?"
PC: I'd like to think I could be a soccer player. That was one of my childhood ambitions, if music didn't work out!

Helen Spray: Hi Phil, massive fan since way back when. Will you release a new album and tour? (fingers crossed) what would you say are the highlights of your career? And would you ever consider a return to acting? You were fab in Buster smiley xxx
PC: It's unlikely I would return to acting right now - and I have so many highlights. I got a lot of pleasure playing drums with Eric Clapton!

Yvonne Sees: Hi phil,from Queensland, Australia just would like to know how long you been singing ,love your music
PC: Thanks! I've been singing since I was at school in the school band. So since I was a teenager.

Tuomas Munnukka: Hi Phil, greetings from Finland! Was it a lot of fun doing Live and let loose Paris? It sure appeared that way on video. What a great band you had back then! Thanks for many great moments, long live Phil Collins!
PC: Oh yes! It was fantastic. The French are a great audience and it was one of my favourite tours.

Tom Klinedinst: Phil. I just watched "Phil the Shill" on Miami Vice. Was that as much fun to film as it looked? And thanks for such great music for my generation!!!
PC: It was. I enjoyed it very much!

Darren James: For me Phil, my all time favourite of yours has to be "Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning?". One of my late radio colleagues first introduced me to the song when you teamed up with Fourplay. Did you prefer performing a meaningful ballad like this or a real rock number?
PC: Without sitting on the fence, I have to say both.

Sarah Hardman: Hi Phil. What one artist would you most like to work with that you haven't had chance to already? (And can I have your autograph please?) smiley
PC: Aretha Franklin.

James Sherman: Hi Phil, do you ever just sit down, stick on a classic like Against All Odds, Sussudio, Both Sides of the Story, or I Don't Care Anymore and just think to yourself "I'm bloody brilliant!"?
PC: Constantly! wink

Kalum MacKay: Hey Phil, I'm a huge fan! I was just wondering, Would you ever consider performing in concerts again? I was too young to see you in your farewell tour, and would love to see the one and only Phil Collins live, many others would for sure as well.
PC: My manager would like me to as soon as possible! But at least I am now thinking about it, which is better than a year ago.

Torben Schellenberg: Dear Phil, Rome 2007 was one of my greatest experiences as a Genesis and Phil Collins fan. How did you perceive this special concert in front of almost 1 million people?
PC: It was very special, because it was Circus Maximums - and I love Roman history!

Mark Heselwood: Phil, I grew up on your music and look forward to possibly hearing new songs from you in the future. How soon do you think that will happen?
PC: So is my manager! My studio is set up in Florida and I'll be doing my best.

Della Kirk: Hi Phil! Hopefully 1 more chance to see you live?! As a MASSIVE fan my question is should I buy your reissued albums if I've got the originals?! xxxx
PC: You should absolutely buy them! There is lots of material that you have yet to hear smiley

PC: That's the end of the Q&A - I'd like to thank everybody for their lovely words and for all the love and support over the years! I'm not dead yet!
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xx Re: PC's Facebook Q&A
« Reply #2 on: Jan 26th, 2016, 02:26am »

Thanks for the transcription Captain.
First cab off the rank Mr Wilkinson?
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I wrote the last entry in my diary today. It simply said...bugger
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xx Re: PC's Facebook Q&A
« Reply #3 on: Jan 26th, 2016, 03:39am »

on Jan 26th, 2016, 02:26am, Yild4Genesis wrote:
Thanks for the transcription Captain.
First cab off the rank Mr Wilkinson?

Yup wink

Well Phil and me go way back you know....

Pleased about that and also thrilled James (Mama drummer) got a question answered..... And so is he wink

Best wishes

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Mama: The all era Genesis tribute band
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