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A Modest Proposal
Post by Hackenbacker on Nov 1st, 2013, 08:51am

So I wrote this for creative writing.

My fellow friends of rock and roll, my brethren of the wondrous genre of Progressive rock, today we look into a splinter in our side that has bothered us ever since it has emerged in our glorious fandom.

Most of you may know of one of our favorite bands in our corral, the mighty Genesis. Composed of the members Mike Rutherford, the guitarist and bassist, Steve Hackett, the guitarist, Tony Banks, the keyboardist, Peter Gabriel, the singer, and Phil Collin, the drummer.

“But wait! Isn’t Phil Collins the singer? And Mike is just the guitarist! Who is that other guy named Hackett, and Peter Gabriel was with them! I thought he was just a singer on his own! Who knew Genesis had other members?”

That, right there, is our thorn. The sickening ignorance and shocking unknowns that most of the world does not know about. How could the world forget such a richly music driven band? Easy, Phil Collins turned our beloved prog band into a shameful, money hogging, and cheesy pop band!
The transition that the band so haplessly fell in started with the band’s eleventh album, Abacab. This album truly is the death knell for the band’s greatest era of progressive style music. This pop styled, fan hurting, and completely unlike the band’s old style album is riddled with pop and even one slightly R&B tune shows how much Genesis decided to leave their golden roots and jump onto the popular pop bandwagon. The true disgrace comes from the song, “Whodunnit,” which throws Genesis’s class and glory out the window in one annoyingly repetitive song.
Genesis continued their march into popdum with their next two albums, Genesis, and Invisible Touch. Two disgustingly pop styled albums that, while they did launch Genesis into the limelight of the regular music world, with the song “Invisible Touch” reaching number one on the American charts, it was all for the wrong side of the band.

They will never be famous for there past, for such lovely and amazingly perfect albums such as Selling England by the Pound, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, and Foxtrot. The true side of Genesis, the right side, when Peter Gabriel was singer and Phil sat behind the drum kit.

And whose fault is this? Why none other than the one who launched himself first, Phil Collins. Yes, it was he, the fame of his first of many pop-styled solo albums set in motion the direction of Genesis’ future. His first album climbed the charts, setting the dollar signs in his greedy eyes to turn his focus on his un-expecting band mates. To cash them in for not only his own fame, but for the great and grand royalties that come to him each time Genesis is played on the airwaves. And what era gets playtime? Not Genesis’ older albums, no. But there later pop ones. And what’s most disgusting, he left them at the end to work with a new group, forever dooming Genesis to a sadly milked grave

This shameful disgrace of one of the best bands can only be dealt with now. We have suffered enough; we must purge this travesty out of the world! We must make the faces of music turn towards Genesis’ past, and play the only good portion of their musical history.

We must start by a general purging of the albums in question. We must gather and destroy the albums, Abacab, Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can’t Dance, and Calling All Stations. We can return them to our local music store, and then they will dispose of them properly.

Another option a well respected colleague of mine has suggested is that we host mass rallies and burn the albums in giant bonfires, unifying others into our cause, and bringing this problem to light.

Once we have purged the albums, we must give punishment to the one responsible to this crime. Yes my comrades, we must publicly execute Phil Collins, and publicly punish by flogging Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, as some people have pointed out that they may have been in on and apart of the downfall.

Now I know execution is a little steep, but my same friend has assured me that this can be worked into a court case of conspiracy, and money fraud. Which in some countries is punishable by death. We simply try him in their courts, and televise his execution.

Most likely it will be by hanging, but that will bring no problem, as no form of execution is wrong for this situation.

As for Tony and Mike, considering that they did not mastermind this, they only willingly participated they shall be flogged repeatedly. This seems a fitting punishment for them, for their crimes are not as serious. They deserve punishment, but not execution.

After this great purge, the world of Genesis will now only be known for their progressive era. Their terrible pop era will be eradicated, and only the best will be remembered.

Considering this, many other prog bands that went either totally pop or slightly pop, basically anything not prog, will go through metamorphoses. Famous bands such as Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Jethro Tull, Rush, King Crimson, and Yes will undergo transformations. All of their pop era will be forgotten in a panic to keep the bands alive, and they all will be forever changed.

Even Yes, one of the most complicated and confusing bands with their almost constant line up changes and style changes will now be compelled to re-change their image, and forgo their older, more commercial albums.

Along with this change in image, the face of prog rock will find a new resurgence. It will no longer be a cult like style, but it will be embraced out of curiosity and intrigue. Finding new fans and new life into the music genre that is almost forgotten, overtaking the airwaves and finding new royalty money in for the bands.

We will have more insight into all of the bands’ past, music, and lyrical inspiration during the time of the bands’ prog eras. With this we can help further the cause of spreading prog by explaining it to those who are still a little confused.

All of these remarkable events in music will all be in thanks to the great purge of Genesis. Riding it of it’s pop albums, and punishing it’s members will start a revolution, and pop will be forever seen as the downfall of several bands. Cursing them to a fool’s gold limelight and a processed style of music making that is sadly still seen today.

We must start this purge as soon as we can, for it is our only hope into saving an almost lost genre of music that contains such deep emotion and power. It strives to break the norm, whether it is time signatures, lyrics, stage theatrics, instruments, or even costumes! We must revive this amazing styled genre by ridding the bands it gave of their pop style, and punishing the ones responsible.

Further more we must preserve the integrity of one best band on label, Genesis. They are the ones, who have been faced oppression underneath the rule of a cruel master, and were forced to change styles all for lining their old drummer’s pocket.

I do hope that this proposal will seem fit in the eyes of my comrades, and steps will be taken to ensure its carried out in full. I fully trust those that will be tasked with running this operation, and I hope they fulfill it with expertise, efficiency, and with the utmost care.

It is the only way we can save this glorious genre, and this amazing band.

Re: A Modest Proposal
Post by alanh on Nov 5th, 2013, 05:44am

Hi there

Well no one is getting their mitts on my copies of the offending albums I can tell you! wink

Alan H
Re: A Modest Proposal
Post by boredatwork on Nov 6th, 2013, 11:40am

This reminds me of a student party many years ago. While “You Can’t Hurry Love” was being played, I overheard someone expressing those exact feelings re Phil. Not as eloquently as in your essay, but with complete sincerity laugh laugh

That incident gave me the impression that Genesis fans were a sect of alarmingly committed nutters! undecided

Re: A Modest Proposal
Post by PhillyPhilPhil on Feb 21st, 2014, 6:41pm

1: I see what you did there.

2: You sound like the narrator of "The Knife"!
Re: A Modest Proposal
Post by TheLadyLies on Mar 10th, 2014, 4:18pm

The more I think about it. - the more I think maybe Mike and Tony may have had a lot in the changing of "early" Genesis into "commercial" Genesis! undecided
Re: A Modest Proposal
Post by Schrottrocker on Aug 29th, 2014, 05:37am

Isn't it the curse of any great artist to be misunderstood by the masses... grin