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Mar 22nd, 2018, 03:02am

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xx What is Chicken Doing...
« Thread started on: Jan 12th, 2011, 4:58pm »

...if there is no Teacher?

What I Like to do is to write Anything about Genesis. And this is something what just came out of my mind. Maybe someone can go on with this curious "Story" cheesy Let's see what the TIOA-Forum Users think about it

Abacab went to a Cinema Show with Me and Sarah Jane. It was a Documentary about "Selling England by the Pound". It began with the Moonlit Knights and end up with a "Bang", an Atombomb.
Magog Hitler fought against all Odds and the Duke, a Big Man of our times. Her Duchess thought, that Rael was her child, and Rael was Magogs Son. But Rael Said " Don't Look at me *beep*, I'm Real Rael!!". After a While, Sydney and the whole Australia ended up in a Stagnation. A Guide Vocal lead the Children Underground to a TV-Show, that and a Radio. There were TV-Evangelists, They said " Get the People to go heel and Touch the Nuclear, heel, heel. Touch it Now,now,now...!"

The Children hoped against Hope that Jesus he knows them, so they danced through the Night into the Light, while Dancing with the Moonlit Knight. There was a Fight, at the top of the Midnight Hour.

"Dodo ugly, so Dodo must die", cried a Voice in the Crowd while Young Man were deep in the Motherlode and Driving the Last Spike.

Then Suddenly Romeo went to Dance on a Volcano, but he was entangled by a Squonk, who lives in the Epping Forest of Fifth of Fifth. He noticed that he will never a time dance again, because he wants to Living Forever.
Doing the Neurotic is a bad idea, but at this Moment, He saw Ripples and beautiful Girls, one of them is Juilet, daughter of Father Tiresias.

He wanted a Smalltalk with her, but it didnt work. So he tried to Calling all Radiostations, just to hear her call.

But in that quiet earth, it doesnt work, Naminanu?

Romeo was a Yellow Submarine, Travelling Down and Out. But He cant Remember when, it was easy to Say, Think about the Past...

There's a place where he can changing his Name and Look. He put Another Record on and swam to the beach. He asked the Fly on the Wall, which Answered "It's only Living, it dont matter at all."

At all?

The Fly also said that near the 666 Willow Farm in a Land of Confusion next by the home by the sea is something who can change you into human beeing.

Pimp said "We are goose as gees, we've got everything..."
Well, maybe Romeo took it all too hard, there is no Silver Rainbow, It's just the way it is.

So he got his Sledgehammer and went to the Farm, or he swam to it, to be exactly.

Up there, he saw many People from different Countries and he was suddenly an Human again.

But Suddenly there was an Big Laughter " Haha HA, Haha Ha, Haha ha, Awarghhh!!!"

An Illegal Alien Said " Its your own special Endos", The "Mama" took us under the soil?

The Soil? Yes deep under the Soil,Soil,Soil...

In Silence and Darkness, we Held each other, we prayed it would last forever!


I thought it would be the day the light went out, but it was only an Illusion, maybe its a game. Of someone elses Girl?

It could be the Silent Sun, But I was dreaming while Im sleeping. So I Got up, and packed up all we had, and Juilet got the Horses, Took some drugs, And played with 7 Trumpets sweet Rock n Roll, Shooting Knives.

No It was a Battle between the Can Utilty and the Coastliners. But on the Timetable was Audience Partizipation Time, so he decided to rip off Juilets Stockings and started to embrase her upper regions.
Juilet was glad, nobody would see them , to "To Do all those Dirty Things I Told you, In the Midnight Hour,in the glow of the Night "

The Only Problem was that Juilet was an Inflatable Doll.
"Maybe its a Voodoo Doll", thought Romeo. So he Dicided to change the Doll, with Flowers, Knives... cool cool
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