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New Disciplinary Procedure
Post by .:Krissy:. on May 27th, 2015, 7:00pm

We have a reformed procedure for disciplinary measures on the forum. From this point forward, everyone has a clean slate.

In the event a forum member acts in a manner that is an infraction on the forum rules, as issued in the Code of Conduct, there will be stricter disciplinary procedure. Infractions to the forum rules will undergo a "Three Strikes" policy incorporated with a warning system for issuing infractions and bans.

The procedure that will be followed for disciplinary measures is as follows:

1.) First Strike:
First offense to the forum rules will have a first warning issued to the member that commits an infraction to the forum rules. Moderators will issue this warning, then explain to warned members how their actions are an infraction to the Code of Conduct. Then, the offending forum member will be asked to justify how their actions are going against the Code of Conduct. The disciplined member will be told they are on a first strike.

2.) Second Strike:
Second Warning is issued to the offending forum member. The same procedure as the first warning will be followed. Moderators issue the warning, explaining how the forum rules were broken, then request the forum member to justify their actions. The member will be informed that they are on a second strike, or second warning. The member will be warned that their next offense to the forum rules will result in a ban to be determined by the severity of their infraction of the forum rules.

3.) Third Strike:
A final warning is issued to the forum member where they will be told by a moderator how their actions are going against the forum rules and have been issued two warnings leading to the final course of action. A ban will be issued afterwards according to the severity of the offense.

A tiered system for the third strike will be as follows:
- Moderate offenses such as name calling and trolling will result in a temp ban lasting for one week.

- A second offense after the first temp ban, starting with the tiered three-strike system, will result in a longer ban of one month.

- More severe offenses after temp bans and offenses such as libelous comments that attempt to defame or reveal the personal identity of forum members will result in a permaban. Also any attempts of forum members to circumvent the temp ban by using an alias or permaban will also be banned as well.

In special extenuating circumstances:
In the case there is a thread where there is a spat between more than 2 members, a thread may be locked temporarily with an in-thread warning issued to all members involved.

Offenses to the forum rules may be reported by forum members as well as staff. Send a moderator that is currently online when the event takes place a report so then we can execute disciplinary measures as soon as possible.