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Mar 21st, 2018, 9:37pm

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exclamation PLEASE READ: Forum Rules
« Thread started on: Jan 13th, 2013, 10:47am »

1. Participate in forum discussions in a civil discourse. Agree to disagree in a manner that doesn't derail the thread, or flame other forum members.

2. No advertising or spamming. These threads will be removed by the moderator staff.

3. Keep threads with appropriate language, no nudity or links to elicit websites, or links to illegal software.

4. ONE username per email account. If you have multiple email accounts per username, then you will have to choose one email address.

5. Trolling is not be accepted in any circumstance in this forum. Trolling is defined as any post that attempts to flame or disrupt the forum atmosphere. Trolling is considered the following:
- An attempt to bait a user into an off topic debate within a thread based upon a personal insult or "flame."
- An attempt to make a user "go off" on the other through use of personal insult, allusion to personal insult, or inflammatory comments.
- Repeated antagonizing or harassment of other members, spamming, consistent off-topic posting or history of thread derailing.

6. Anything said here is each own member's responsibility. The administrator and moderators decline any kind of responsibility about forum members' remarks. Follow the forum rules.

7. Warning/Banning System:
Members who attempt to disrupt the forum atmosphere and break the rules will go through the following system:
First offense- Written PM warning
Second offense- Second written PM warning
Third offense- Banned from the forum

8. Have fun. This board is free of charge. No credit card required.
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