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May 25th, 2017, 07:23am


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 1   Paperlate- Genesis General Board / Re: Some observations about Tony  on: Today at 07:03am
Started by CyanideWand | Post by foxfeeder
on Yesterday at 1:43pm, Fabrizio wrote:
And it's perfectly Ok but I don't think it is enough to question who the main songwriters in the band were. It's A Day in the life for me btw. I'm boring that way wink

But it illustrates the point. George had 3 lp's worth of stuff bottled up by the time the Beatles split. He had good stuff, but it wasn't used. Maybe some, or even all, wasn't considered as good as what was used, but it would have diversified the band's sound.
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 2   Another Cup of Coffee- Mike Rutherford Board / Re: Mike learned things from making SD  on: Today at 06:29am
Started by onetwothree | Post by Schrottrocker
I think this is just a general statement, he gained experience from working with other musicians who expected him to tell them what he expected them to do for his songs - which is pretty different from working in a band like Genesis in which every member tries to push their own ideas through.
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 3   Supper's Ready- The Genesis Music Board / Re: Selling England by the Pound vs Seconds Out  on: Today at 06:22am
Started by rael1974 | Post by Schrottrocker
on Yesterday at 2:09pm, boredatwork wrote:
Maybe you should start a poll to find out. Don’t think there’s been one on this topic for a couple of years, but before that they used to be quite a regular occurrence.

Yes, I remember, and these were "manual" polls because of the forum limit of 8 options. Everybody had to rank all albums, then someone added up all the rankings and presented the result. Maybe I'll do it when I find some time but don't bet on it grin
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 4   Supper's Ready- The Genesis Music Board / Re: Selling England by the Pound vs Seconds Out  on: Today at 04:33am
Started by rael1974 | Post by Kerry95
when i saw the thread title, i thought it was about comparing the studio versions and the live versions of 'selling england' songs: i know what i like, firth of fifth and the cinema show. in other words, a peter vs phil thread! shocked wink

seriously though, i love 'seconds out', and it was my first introduction to the early genesis stuff -if we don't count the old medley from 'the way we walk' live album-.
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 5   Supper's Ready- The Genesis Music Board / Re: Selling England by the Pound vs Seconds Out  on: Today at 02:19am
Started by rael1974 | Post by rael1974
on Yesterday at 07:34am, Schrottrocker wrote:
Selling England is the fan favourite? I thought that would be Trick, at least in this forum.

Although Genesis doesn't have a definitive album, I've always had the impression that SEBTP was the closest album to being that.
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 6   Live Performances, Meetups / Re: Your next gig/gigs  on: Yesterday at 8:02pm
Started by Salmacis | Post by CountingOutTime
on May 22nd, 2017, 5:14pm, FeelItComing wrote:
I will be seeing Justin Hayward on October 19. His Facebook page says that he will be performing the whole of Days Of Future Pased on his next tour, but I can't tell if this includes the Australian leg (all two shows). I last saw him back in 80s with the Moody Blues.

My wife and I think a solo Hayward gig is much better than a Moodies gig. Seen the Moodies many times, but Justin's intimate show was nothing short of fabulous.

Check out this video of The Actor. My wife and I are in the audience, but just out of view. One of the most memorable gigs I've been to.

Mickey Féat on bass and Gordon Marshall on drums and flute, plus Paul Bliss on keys. Oh, what a night cool

Hope you have a wonderful time!!

Here's another great performance from that same gig! Forever Autumn

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 7   In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins Board / Re: Dropouts in Hello I Must Be Going  on: Yesterday at 7:07pm
Started by CyanideWand | Post by CyanideWand
Something else I found...

I never had the No Jacket Required CD, and I noticed there is a little tick in the left channel at 2:10 in One More Night. I wondered if it was just my CD, but is replicated here as well:
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 8   Progressive Rock Discussion / Re: Ok..... Camel rule !!!!!  on: Yesterday at 6:44pm
Started by Mal | Post by CountingOutTime
Found this cool pic of the latest Camel lineup.

User Image
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 9   Banjo Man- The Musician's Corner / Re: The Definitive (?) ARP Pro Soloist Preset thre  on: Yesterday at 5:30pm
Started by TheDoktor | Post by Piers

I've got one of Joachim Verghese's Pro-Soloist Rack units, the analogue guts of the original in a midi controllable box.

Following G2's Stables gigs at the weekend my keys are still in their cases (and may be for a while) so I can't check which patches I'm using. From memory, and some notes I've got written down, I can add a few to what you've listed so far:

On Seconds Out he played Comic Wow in the intro (with Wow and Growl on aftertouch and brilliance with slider)
1st half of solo - Trumpet (with Wow on aftertouch)
2nd half of solo - Fuzz Guitar 1

Firth of Fifth
Live he played ARP Piano for the outro

Epping Forest
Steel Drum (" with a left hook is the Bethnal Green butcher")

Hairless Heart
When I got the PSR Joachim and I discussed all the Lamb patches, and his comment about this one was as follows:
Sounds like a complex layer of overdubbed parts. The bright sound is probably a Pro Soloist patch with distortion effect. This could be any of the sustained voices that have vibrato enabled by default, as you can clearly hear the regular modulation. Some of that sound might have been routed through the Leslie speaker for the mellow "wooden" texture that is panned opposite to the bright part.

Whatever it was, I haven't found that one single patch does the job, so I've continued to use the sound I programmed myself on a JV-1080 before I got the PSR.

Again I've continued to use an old patch I programmed for this one. It's not quite right but it works well enough. Joachim's comment was:
I think the solo is PS French Horn, though the 2600 could have been set up to produce a similar sound.

Trick still has a lot of Pro-Soloist on it, but there are some songs that clearly use the ARP 2600 instead, like Ripples, and a few where it's hard to know, like Mad Man Moon. So, if you're not convinced you know what PS patch it is, it's probably 2600 instead.

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 10   Supper's Ready- The Genesis Music Board / Re: Remasters question  on: Yesterday at 4:54pm
Started by BlinkeredArcade | Post by WinstonWolf
I also think the remixes are a bit of a mixed bag too, and very far from a total loss.

I think the blue box albums suffered a lot from being Nick's first crack at remixing. While the surround mix is pretty good on all of them the stereo mix of Trick, Wind, and Duke are not at all what I want to hear. My go-to on all three of those are the 1994 remasters.

And Then There Were Three and Abacab aren't bad, because Three always had an odd, boxy sound that the remix improved, and Abacab was compressed like crazy originally, so even more of it didn't hurt.

Genesis and Invisible Touch are much better to my ears, but I really don't notice much change in the mixes on We Can't Dance or Calling All Stations.

I think both the green box and live box albums sound great, but being last had the benefit of a lot more experience in remixing.
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