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Oct 24th, 2016, 11:54pm


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 1   Progressive Rock Discussion / Re: Critics ignore prog (rant)  on: Today at 8:16pm
Started by FatOldLady | Post by Synth Solo
on Aug 30th, 2016, 11:19am, slowdancer wrote:
There is no logic in this. We all have to accept, that progressive rock has become sort of a niche genre, with a relative small amount of followers in comparison to main stream music. While bands like Yes and Genesis and others were big acts in the seventies and eighties, prog became more and more unimportant in later years. Bands like Marillion brought prog back to the perception of many in the mid - eighties, but only for a relatively short time. A lot of people, I know, who know Marillion are astounded, if I tell them, that they carried on in the nineties with Steve Hogarth and still exist.

Part of the problem with prog is that a lot of people aren't sure what is prog and what isn't. Marillion were a good example. To most people outside of prog, Marillion were a prog band and therefore deeply uncool and to be avoided at all costs. To a lot of the first wave of prog fans, Marillion were a derivative and totally shit band who weren't fit to be called prog. grin
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 2   Progressive Rock Discussion / Re: Marillion - F.E.A.R.  on: Today at 7:42pm
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by Synth Solo
on Apr 11th, 2016, 4:35pm, CountingOutTime wrote:
I'm mostly a Fish-era fan.

I recommend you don't listen to the Fugazi album again any time soon. wink
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 3   Progressive Rock Discussion / Re: Marillion - F.E.A.R.  on: Today at 7:40pm
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by Synth Solo
I'm surprised Genesis fans would have a big problem with the f word. After all, Phil Collins is known to be quite prone to it (Genesis at Wembley Stadium 1987, changing the lyrics of Invisible Touch to "fuck up your life" on live performances since the early '90s, and he even recently called Paul McCartney a "fuck").
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 4   In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins Board / Re: Phil Collins slams Beatles legend Paul McCartn  on: Today at 7:24pm
Started by Synth Solo | Post by Synth Solo
on Oct 19th, 2016, 3:11pm, Yild4Genesis wrote:
What a waste of time this piece of trash is...

I'd say it's a rather trashy thing to say actually. If Phil hadn't called McCartney a "f**k" over nothing really they probably wouldn't have bothered to report it.

It's a bit strong and unnecessary, don't you think? No wonder he got so touchy about bad reviews and rubbed music writers up the wrong way. After all, he used to complain when journalists said horrible things about him and it turns out he's not much better. rolleyes
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 5   Match of the Day- Sports and Recreation / Re: Football predictions league 2016-17 week 12  on: Today at 5:24pm
Started by genesis1964 | Post by FeelItComing
Tottenham 2 Leicester 2
Watford 2 Hull 1
Everton 3 West Ham 0
Southampton 1 Chelsea 2
Brighton 1 Norwich 0
Cardiff 0 Wigan 0
Preston 1 Newcastle 2
Birmingham 1 Aston Villa 0

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 6   Other Bands / Re: RnRHoF nominees for 2017  on: Today at 3:57pm
Started by HENRY | Post by HENRY
on Today at 1:44pm, boredatwork wrote:
Agreed, but I canít help thinking that given the judges' past record, any foreign group - however influential or meritorious - will lose out to a dead American rapper.....

Well, that's not necessarily the general case, as many "foreign" artists are readily inducted. Both of those bands had a distinct presence in the U.S. during their heyday. I think at least one of them will get the nod this time around (I believe that this is Kraftwerk's second time being nominated).
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 7   The Forum of Last Resort / Re: To my American friends!  on: Today at 3:50pm
Started by Noni | Post by HENRY
on Today at 12:10pm, ericm wrote:
I can't sing a lick but I don't think it's a particularly easy song to sing. I get a professional shouldn't mess it up but I think they're out of their comfort zone when performing it before a sporting event, especially a big one like the Super Bowl.

Yup, not an easy song to sing, even for professionals. I've heard mentioned on a number of occasions that it is somewhat awkward to nail down, and the words can be tricky to get through. Plus, for these sort of one off performances, a singer isn't going to invest a lot of time in perfecting their attempt.
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 8   Other Bands / Re: Bruuuuuce  on: Today at 3:39pm
Started by ericm | Post by HENRY
Dammit! User Image
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 9   The Forum of Last Resort / Re: To my American friends!  on: Today at 3:14pm
Started by Noni | Post by ericm
on Today at 1:37pm, Noni wrote:
Thanks ericm smiley

Still surprised though even if you're out of your comfort zone, surly if they have been invited to perform a big event they will surely practice..

Just my opinion. It's a shame because it does send shudders down my spine, like someone using their finger nails on a chalk board.

Whitney Houston made the best effort so far. wink

Oh no doubt about that. I'm sure most if not all do practice it, especially if they're doing it before a big event. That's a big reason why I think nerves and being out of their comfort zone factors into it not always being done well.

Also the Super Bowl ones are pre recorded and lip synced at the game. If I remember right that practice started with the Whitney Houston one because they were concerned about security or something happening during it. If you remember that was done during the early stages of the first Gulf War, and there was a lot of things going on politically, militarily, and patriotically as well. It had to be perfect and even if she did lip sync it, I loved it and thought she did it about as well as I've ever heard it.

Now they still pre record it in case of a mic malfunction or even performer screw up. The NFL doesn't want anything going wrong at their biggest event, and one that is broadcast world wide.

Other sporting events are a different story. I believe most if not all are done live.
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 10   Supper's Ready- The Genesis Music Board / Re: Trespass Poll  on: Today at 3:01pm
Started by rael1974 | Post by p.w.
When I saw Steve Hackett live in Nottingham last year the only solo he played that I didn't immediately take to was 'The Knife'.

My wife commented that it might be because it was originally Ant's solo and I had gotten too used to hearing his version rather than Steve's?
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