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Aug 18th, 2017, 8:47pm

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 1   Match of the Day- Sports and Recreation / Re: Football Predictions League 2017-18 week 2  on: Today at 5:16pm
Started by genesis1964 | Post by genesis1964
Southampton 2-1 West Ham
Stoke 0-2 Arsenal
Tottenham 2-2 Chelsea
Man City 3-2 Everton
Fulham 2-1 Sheff Wed
Nottm Forest 2-2 Middlesbrough
Preston 1-1 Reading
Sunderland 0-1 Leeds
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 2   Play and Watch Lists / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? - Part 2  on: Today at 3:08pm
Started by HENRY | Post by Chessman
...And now listening to:

Big Big Train - The Underfall Yard

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 3   Turn it On Again- Genesis Tour 2007 / Re: The Carpet Crawlers: A good ending to TIOA sho  on: Today at 09:24am
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by StarOfSirius
on Yesterday at 11:46am, Dr. John wrote:
Would any band not devote the majority of the setlist to songs known and loved by the majority of the expected attendees? Most people attending would not have recognized, never mind loved BotR and other similar gems. And we have to keep in mind, that the reason the tour was financially possible was because it would attract a lot of the more casual fans. I doubt a tour would have happened at all if it was just in theatres for the die-hard Genesis fans.

I'll draw a parallel with another favourite band of mine, The Who. Most of their setlist are songs that everyone has heard a million times on classic rock radio. Fans on their website gripe about a lack of obscure classics. When they have tried to revive such obscurities (e.g., A Quick One While he's Away) in recent years, they ultimately had to drop them because the majority of the audiences didn't care for them.

I think back to the Invisible Touch tour and going bonkers when they slipped into the full ITQE and even more bonkers when I recognized the groove of Apocalypse in 9/8. And I remember how every single person around me was mystified at both my reaction and what was being played on the stage. Many headed off for the bathroom.

Shit like this is why I detest it when mainstream audiences start to take notice of musical acts I enjoy. It's not that I necessarily want my favourite artists to remain obscure, but these so-called "casual fans" invariably just ruin it for those of us who actually understand and appreciate the music on a deeper level.

If you don't know who all of the members of a band are and haven't heard most of their discography, you're not a fan. I'm just getting into The Moody Blues at the moment. I think To Our Children's Children's Children and Days of Future Passed are great albums, but those are all I've heard and at the moment I couldn't name you any band members beyond Justin Hayward. I wouldn't tell some guy in the street that I'm a "huge fan" of theirs the way some people who've only heard the last three trio albums and assume Phil wrote everything do with Genesis, and I certainly wouldn't dare go along to a Moody Blues concert and respond rudely to anything I didn't recognise.
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 4   Other Bands / Re: Gentle Giant  on: Today at 07:13am
Started by WutheringNights76 | Post by NoSonOfVine
I do very much enjoy their music. Full of creativity, variety and interesting abstract ideas.
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 5   Turn it On Again- Genesis Tour 2007 / Re: The Carpet Crawlers: A good ending to TIOA sho  on: Yesterday at 7:06pm
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by FeelItComing
on Yesterday at 02:40am, KiwiDave wrote:
I've thought about your comments and you make some very good points. However to me, there's a wish list (BOTR for example) and then there's reality. Of course you and I would have gone bonkers had they played BOTR or DWTMK, however I suspect those songs would be lost on many at those stadium gigs, and lost in the scale and size of those stadiums.
They had to play the songs that many remembered them for - that means the hits - whether we like it or not, there were many casual fans at the TIOA shows - the lowest common denominator, who the band had to play an amount of the setlist for. Also, don't forget that this was the setlist that they wanted to play. If they wanted to play other songs, you would have heard them.
In an ideal world, there would have been an encore tour, in 2008 of theatres or arenas, with a slightly different setlist, that could have included some of the lesser heard or played - or in the case of BOTR, never played tunes and I think that would have been the perfect way to bring the curtain down. However that was never the plan, and we got what they gave us. In as far as the experience was for me, yes it wasn't quite the perfect setlist, but it was pretty darn good. And worth traveling 36,000 kilometres there and back for. And if that was our final experience of Genesis live, with the guys in their mid 50's still sounding and performing magnificently, then that's a wonderful final gesture and representation of what they were.
As for Blood on the Rooftops, having seen Steve Hackett performing in the north of England, 4 shows in a week in May, with BOTR each time played superbly by Steve and his band, that'll do me.

It was pretty ironic that I just got to see Steve & he DIDN'T play BOTR.
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 6   Play and Watch Lists / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? - Part 2  on: Yesterday at 1:58pm
Started by HENRY | Post by Chessman
Gacharic Spin - Kakuhen

Another excellent high energy release from these super-talented girls cool
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 7   Paperlate- Genesis General Board / Re: Another album that sounds like...  on: Yesterday at 1:44pm
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by Fabrizio
on Yesterday at 07:19am, foxfeeder wrote:
Well, not strictly a solo album, but Blue Jays was a huge success, artistically, commercially and critically. There was a danger of it replacing the band, which is why they didn't follow it up. And even with 2 voices missing, it still is remembered for it's vocal performances.

Incidentally, you described the Moodies as a niche band. Really? if so, surely King Crimson, Gentle Giant, VDGG, and even Genesis until about 1978 would struggle to qualify even as that. Had Phil not come up with Face Value, I suggest they would never have reached the heights they did, internationally (They owe Andrea a lot! smiley)

The UK chart ratings for both bands are tipped in Genesis favour, granted, but not to the extent that it's a walkover.

In any case, if Genesis are in the RARHOF due to prog (And I doubt that, the committee are anti-prog) then the Moodies should be there for they co-founded it, and Genesis started out wanting to do the same type of music. I think it was Tony who said they were hoping to have a "Days of Future Passed" with FGTR, and Steve persuaded them to get a Mellotron because it would allow them to have a sound "like King Crimson and the Moody Blues."

If it weren't for the Moodies, Watcher of the skies (and Strawberry Fields Forever) would sound a lot different! grin

Still glad you came back, though! cool

This thread has been completeley hijacked, somebody call a moderator! wink I went to, I am confident you are familiat with it. There's a top 100 prog albums section there, over 3K reviews, in the top 10 you find the most common names in prog, no need to elaborate but Genesis are there, repeatedly, same with the top 20.
I scroll down to 100 and no trace of the Moody Blues which I find harsh so I went to a top 50 classical period 67-75 subsection. More or less the same names, still no trace of the MB. Genesis were niche, to a certain extent prog was and still is, but within the prog camp, they are doubtlessly and deservedly up there and there is little doubt about that.
Then of course you are right, they have been inducted because of the sales, not by vitue of their wonderful, previous music.
To be clear, this a conversation between two people who like the Moody Blues and even acknowledge the importance they had for the prog movement but imo and it seems to be corroborated by others, they are simply not up there with Genesis. I need to go back and listen to Blue Jays, it has been a while. I remember liking it a lot but I honestly don't know how much it sold and how it compares to other G solo albums, here's what I know though, not many people remember it .....It's been a while.
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 8   The Forum of Last Resort / Re: Happy birthday Dusty!  on: Yesterday at 1:10pm
Started by Yild4Genesis | Post by Dust
Thanks everyone! It's all a distant memory now. grin
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 9   Match of the Day- Sports and Recreation / Re: Football Predictions League 2017-18 week 2  on: Yesterday at 1:08pm
Started by genesis1964 | Post by deetee89
Southampton v West Ham, 2 - 1
Stoke v Arsenal, 0 - 2
Tottenham v Chelsea, 2 - 2
Man City v Everton, 2 - 0
Fulham v Sheff Wed, 2 - 1
Nottm Forest v Middlesbrough, 1 - 1
Preston v Reading, 2 - 1
Sunderland v Leeds, 0 - 1
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 10   Classic Rock Discussion Board / Re: Mr. Blue Sky Syndrome  on: Yesterday at 11:50am
Started by NoSonOfVine | Post by Dr. John
I don't have the expectation that mainstream radio, catering to a wide audience, is going to play anything but the most popular and recognized songs by artists. Of course that's what they are going to do.

I am a little more irritated when some of the supposedly more niche satellite and online radio stations, which claim to play "deep cuts" etc., don't do much differently than the mainstream stations.
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